Monday, February 7, 2011

Ladybugs Improv Parties for Kids

The Ladybugs arrive at the party, and immediately engage with the kids. We get fun suggestions, then use them to perform one piece. Our performance gets their attention and focus on us...

But then comes the switch! We have them mesmerized and now we get them on their feet, (yes, ALL of them), doing improv with us, and do they ever have a great time!

But, just as you don't tell kids when you sneak vegetables into their diet, we don't tell them how much they are learning. They are using critical thinking skills, comprehension skills, listening skills, memory and concentration skills, and following directions. But, it's such an amazingly fun time that they only know that it's fun and they want to do more.

Really, can you beat that? Here are what some people have said about the Ladybugs:

“The Ladybugs aren't just a group of pretty faces - they're really three powerful personality magnets who draw out your most creative fun-loving traits when you least expect it!” -Michelle Candland, author of Common Threads: How Women Weave Tribulation into Triumph

“Improv isn't easy! Yet when you work with the Ladybugs, you will feel like a pro! They are creative, clever and make you feel very comfortable. You won't look at a toilet brush the same way again!” -Jenni Prisk, Prisk Communications

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  1. Great Idea Ladybugs and Kids! new blog on the History of the Ladybug: