Friday, February 26, 2010

With a nickname like this, maybe it was destiny...

Okay, I confess. My parents called me "Kristy-bug" until I was in college (and even sometimes now, to my chagrin). Maybe it was destiny that I would grow up to write The Eleventh Sense, the amazing story of Simon, who can understand the language of bugs and get them to help him make his plans work out.

So here's where I stand on bugs: I have great bee karma, but wasps still scare me; crickets and grasshoppers are free to bounce around my yard, but I would prefer the roaches not make an appearance; and I will leave the spiders alone as long as they stay outside!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Just what is the Eleventh Sense?

Simply put, the eleventh sense is communication, which leads many to ask, "What? Communication is easy. What do you really mean?"

Well, I have to say, if communicating with others is so easy, then why do people have so much trouble with it? Here's why: most people are too busy thinking while others are talking to really listen to what's being said. And even worse, they're too busy putting their own interpretations in instead of relating honestly.

But there's hope. This is a skill that can be learned if you are willing.

Joy in all things, Kris

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What would you do if...

What would you do if... it's a fun question, isn't it? Here's your challenge for today: What would you do if you could understand the thoughts, feelings, and words of the animals around you? Would it surprise you to find your dog contemplating the latest advances in medicine? Or to find your cat meditating on the best ways to communicate with YOU when you clearly are not paying attention? What if you could understand the wild ones: cougars, or dolphins, or eagles? What would they think?

Just being aware that all living things on this planet have thoughts and feelings is a huge, giant, enormous leap forward in connecting to your inner senses, especially the eleventh sense, which is communication.

Have I blown your mind yet?